About 3BI

3BI - Brokering Bio-Based Innovation

The leading bioeconomy clusters in France, Germany the Netherlands and the UK have joined forces as the 3BI intercluster.

What is 3BI?

3BI is a strategic European partnership that builds on the complementary strengths of five regional innovation clusters. All five clusters use biorefining to convert biological resources into materials, chemicals and fuels.

  • CLIB – Cluster Industrial Biotechnology (Germany)
  • BioEconomy Cluster focuses on wood. (Germany)
  • BioVale focuses on biowastes. (UK)
  • IAR focuses on the valorisation of renewable resources from agriculture, forest and algae into food and non-food products. (France)
  • Biobased Delta focuses on a range of novel biological resources for its chemical industry. (The Netherlands)

Why 3BI is needed.

The production of renewable biological resources and their conversion into food, feed, energy, chemicals and other materials is known as the bioeconomy. This sector is growing rapidly and creating new markets for innovative products and services across the globe. European SMEs need support if they are to access these important new markets successfully.

What 3BI will do.

3BI will help European companies to make the most of new markets and new opportunities from the bioeconomy. It will strengthen European collaboration and innovation to create globally competitive products and services for the bioeconomy. It will help European companies working in this sector to access the international partnerships and overseas markets they need.


3BI - Europe's Bioeconomy Intercluster

3BI helps European companies to make the most of the bioeconomy.