CLIB - Cluster Industrial Biotechnology

CLIB is an international open innovation cluster for bioeconomy with a focus on industrial biotechnology. The approximately 100 cluster members ...


Where wood meets Chemistry

Profile: Central Germany’s BioEconomy Cluster is a value added cluster that focuses on the integrated material and energetic use of non-food biomass (especially beech wood ...


Building the bioeconomy.

Profile BioVale is a UK-based innovation cluster which aims to develop and promote innovation for the bioeconomy across Yorkshire and the Humber. It draws together Yorkshire ...


Where Agro meets Chemistry

Profile: Agro and chemistry meet within a radius of 60 km in the Biobased Delta, a region in the South-western Netherlands. Collaboration between and integration of ...


Your gateway to the French Bioeconomy

Profile: IAR is a world-class Competitiveness Cluster dedicated to the Bioeconomy, Biobased products and Biorefineries.
IAR brings together more than 300 ...


3BI Members

The leading bioeconomy clusters in the Netherlands, the UK, Germany and France have joined forces as the 3BI intercluster.