Biobased Delta

Where Agro meets Chemistry


Agro and chemistry meet within a radius of 60 km in the Biobased Delta, a region in the South-western Netherlands. Collaboration between and integration of technologically advanced farmers, the presence of agro & food companies, large chemical players, the presence of brand owners, a large number of innovative SMEs, renowned knowledge institutions, educational institutions, pilot and demonstration plants, and supporting governments: together they form the innovation eco system of Biobased Delta.

Building on a Triple Helix, the Biobased Delta has set a comprehensive structure that supports the acceleration of innovation, development and further growth of the biobased economy in the region. SMEs act as a catalyst for interaction between the involved actors. The governing board of the Biobased Delta consists for the greater part of business people, supplemented by people representing research, educational, advocacy and governmental parties. Together they have set and are executing an ambitious agenda for the next decades. The ecosystem of the Biobased Delta will allow for successful integration and new value chains, implying an acceleration of biobased business.


South-western Netherlands

Main topics:

Focus on Sugar Beets (‘Beet Stock’), Sugars for the Chemical Industry, also Wheat Sugars, Starches (from potatoes) and Carbohydrates from Macro Algae (Sea Weed). Focus on large scale Lignocellulosic Biorefinery, also small scale Biorefinery. Valorisation, Green Raw Materials, Green Building Blocks, Bioaromatics, Sustainable Process Technology, Internationalisation, Human Capital.

Main Markets:

Chemical Industry, Agroculture, Packaging, Building & Construction, Infrastructure, Coatings, Colorants, Horticulture, Aquatic Biomass, Plant Ingredients, Fibres, Pyrolysis, Bioplastics, Composites, Creative Industry.




Biobased Delta
Willem Sederel (Director)

Plasticslaan 1
4612 PX, Bergen op Zoom
The Netherlands

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